Navigate through the city’s hustle & bustle and its historic district in order to understand the personality of Lisbon, its inhabitants, get familiar with our iconic cityviews, know our history and compreend the nature of our heritage. Walking tour.

Attractions: Chiado district, baixa district, Alfama, St George castle, Lisbon cathedral, plenty of lookouts and other well kept secrets.

Includes: Walking tour with private guide, coffee, pastry, insurance, Hotel pickup & dropoff 

Price/person: €95 (1-2 persons), €85 (3-4 persons), €75 (5-6 persons), 6+ under consultation

Getting to know Lisbon isn’t an easy endeavor, just showing off our most prized landmarks is simply not enough. We have to make sure you infiltrate our conversations, speak our language and understand our daily routines, this is the Rootfarer way of traveling.

In this tour you will be able to unveil a different side of Lisbon, one that is barely talked about and that has to do with its soul and the soul of its inhabitants… “The Alfacinhas”. We understand that the soul of the city is also present in its most iconic landmarks and sites, rest assured because this this experience will lead you there as well.


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Some minor immersion expected, you will visit the main tourist checkpoints while checking out some of the less frequented (but more authentic) spots.