Navigate through the city’s hustle & bustle and its historic district while visiting some of its most iconic historical stores (walking tour).

Atractions: Lisbon historical stores (bookshops, coffeeshops, grocery stores, among others), Chiado district, Baixa district.

Includes: Walking tour, historic store souvenir, afternoon snack, insurance, hotel pickup & dropoff (private group tours only)

Price/person: €89 (1-2 persons), €79 (3-4 persons), €69 (5-6 persons), 6+ Under consultation

In an age where the technological and digital revolutions seem to reshape the way we believe things should be, for some reason there are certain things that remain immutable and challenge this evolution. In this tour you will get know a side of Lisbon that time has forgotten and left almost untouched: its historical stores and trades.

The itinerary was designed to show you these stores, the stories, the products, the architecture and ultimately the people that stand their grown and still run the business like in the old days. This is the ideal excuse to shop and know the city and the same time!


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Level 2
Level 3
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Level 5

Medium immersion, you will definitely visit some of the less frequented spots and interact with the Portuguese daily routine. You might visit some of the main touristic spots.