Our team is composed by people with real passion and dedication for Portugal. With us, it’s like traveling with someone that embodies Portugal!

Francisco Carvalho Neto

Partner & tour guide

From Ivy league MBA to tour guide

Following his passion for Portugal, Francisco decided to put aside a career in multinational companies and created Rootfarers, a way of experiencing Portugal beyond what you’re “supposed to do” and what Instagramming compels you to do.

He has been in more than 32 countries either visiting, working or studying

Speaks: PT, EN, ES


Bernardo R.Silva

Partner & Sales manager

From business manager to Rootfarers

Bernardo is Director for Sales at Rootfarers. He brings with him a wide range of commercial experience in multiple industries, more recently in the tourism sector. Contact him if you’re interesting about working with us! Besides that, he’s well versed in everything that’s related with sailing and sea voyages!

Speaks: PT, EN, ES


Alfredo Magalhães Ramalho

Tour Guide - Lisbon

From judge to tour guide.

While Alfredo began his life as a Judge, he quickly realized he loved the world of knowledge. As such, he eventually switched careers and became library director at one of the most reputable Universities in Portugal: Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Well known as a storyteller, Alfredo specializes in history, literature and arts in Lisbon.

Speaks: PT, EN, FR

Vasco P.Coelho

Tour Guide

From engineer to tour guide

Vasco has been known to spend his time and energy in the pursuit of a multitude of things. As such, besides being a data analyst, he also spends time sharing our beautiful country with whoever wants to have an authentic Portuguese experience. He’s well-rounded, but what he really loves is to show you are our architectural landmarks, both old and new ones!

Speaks: PT, EN, DE.